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Vector Point Cranial Therapy

Posted on: November 18, 2015

Could You Benefit From Vector Point Cranial Therapy?

Have you ever heard of Vector Point Cranial Therapy (VPCT)? If you have been in my office you certainly have! This is the relatively new though well tested approach to chiropractic care that I have focused on since 1993. It is the gentle method of balancing the body that has become an instrumental part of nearly every patient’s therapy in my practice.

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VPCT adds a whole new dimension of effectiveness to treatment, adding to the benefits of traditional chiropractic care to balance the body literally from head to toe.

Before I talk about how VPCT works, it’s good to keep in mind how traditional chiropractic care works, which is actually quite logical. Since the spine is like the body’s central nerve switchboard, when it’s aligned properly it allows crucial nerve operation to all areas and systems of the body.

In the normal process of living we do things that cause spinal misalignments called subluxations. Depending on where these subluxations are located along the spine, they cause different symptoms. When a chiropractic adjustment releases the misalignment, nerve function is restored and the cause of the symptom is eliminated. We can experience relief from structural symptoms like back pain or headache, or from systemic symptoms like digestive problems or allergies.

Through experience, I’ve found that when I combine traditional chiropractic care with VCPT, I can help my patients achieve even healthier results.

How Vector Point Cranial Therapy Works

Clinical study has revealed that there is a direct relationship between the way the spine functions and points on the sutures or joints of the cranium.

These “vector points” are part of the body’s regulatory system that controls how nerves function.

By gently de-stressing these “vector points” and balancing the cranial bones, I can achieve two important objectives:

  • Release the pressure on the cranial sutures allowing correction of misalignment patterns, and
  • Release the muscle tension that’s pulling the spine out of alignment so vertebrae can naturally move into their proper, healthful position.

As these two things take place, the stage is set for both immediate and long-term relief.

Why Vector Point Cranial Therapy Works

When the body reacts to physical, emotional or chemical stress, two related responses often occur. One response tightens muscles, often creating subluxations in the spine. The other response results in tension on the dura mater, the tough membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This, in turn, creates imbalanced forces on the cranial system, causing misalignment patterns to start.

When the cranial sutures become pressured or misaligned, there is often a reflex-like reaction, further tightening the muscles surrounding the spinal vertebrae, causing them to be out of healthful alignment or to move inappropriately.

Traditional chiropractic treats the spinal vertebra, but does not address the stress on the cranial sutures. And while another chiropractic technique — Craniopathy — does involve the cranial sutures, it does not specifically release the muscular tension that moves the vertebrae out of alignment in the first place. Although both techniques have proven extremely valuable, I have found through experience with my own health as well as my patients, that Vector Point Cranial Therapy combines the benefits of both and more.

Why You Could Benefit From Vector Point Cranial Therapy

VPCT is a gentle, safe therapy that is very effective in assisting people with pain caused by muscle imbalances. This could be pain in the lower back, upper back, neck or head. Specific symptoms such as TMJ pain and Sciatica can also be helped when the technique is combined with other chiropractic methods.

I invite you to give us a call and make an appointment — instead of telling you about the benefits of VPCT, let me show you!


At Westlake Village Chiropractic Arts, we are committed to supporting you in your journey of greater health & well-being. Contact us for your next visit.

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