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Tis The Season – To Be Stressed Out!

Posted on: December 16, 2015

Tis the season — to be jolly! Problem is, jolly turns to stressed-out in the wink of an eye. Wait… are you jolly during this holiday season? Or are you stressed-out, worried and tense?

How are you feeling as we count down to 2016?

At this point in the year, there is often an increase in the stress of our daily life. The holidays can put a burden on our health, causing even more anxiety as the body attempts to compensate for everything that we are doing. The status of our compensation system is the topic for this month, “The Three Categories.”


The Categories are your body’s way of providing a status report, to let you know whether you are “maintaining,” “managing crisis,” or “beyond self-repair.”

These are general terms, and certainly each person is unique in what these Categories look and feel like for them. But they are a great assessment tool to determine your body’s current condition and to know where to start on the road to health.

Three Categories

That’s right, there are just three Categories and they are named by their numbers, “one,” “two,” and “three.” They were first recognized by one of the great founders of the Chiropractic work I do, Dr. Major DeJarnette.

Dr. DeJarnette, the creator of Sacro Occipital Technique (known as SOT) knew that an aligned skeletal system was, in many ways, the foundation for health in the body. An imbalance in the digestive system or lymphatic system can affect the alignment of the skeletal system, and conversely a misalignment in some part of the skeleton can cause issues in other systems in the body. The Categories are a way of discovering how well your body is coping with the stresses of daily living and with its maintenance and healing ability of all systems.

To become healthy and stay healthy, we rely on our own body’s mechanism of defense against all the challenges of daily life. This is our miraculous power to heal, restore and regenerate physically.

Our defense mechanism interacts with the whole body, its structural balance, internal organs, the chemical balance, and so on. It manages to constantly adapt to whatever stressors we encounter, whether it be an injury, emotional stress, something gradual like pollution or chemical build up in our diet — or the thought of relatives arriving for the holidays. If your defense system isn’t working, your body cannot adapt to these everyday stressors. And if the defense system languishes long enough, you experience pain, or the symptoms of disease.

Category One — “Maintaining”

Category determination tells us whether our natural defense mechanism is working fully. We all want to feel great, and to do that we must be in Category One. Category One means the body is holding balance, adapting and compensating. The natural defense system is working and is capable of recovery. You are ready to handle the structural, emotional, and chemical stresses in everyday life. Any physical symptoms you do have are very likely associated with misalignments and imbalanced structures including the cranial bones. A status of Category One doesn’t mean there is absolutely no imbalance but these problems are easier to repair, and treatment that starts in Category One can put you at your best faster.

Category Two — “Managing Crisis”

When a system goes out of alignment the body will compensate in some way until the issue can be repaired. This happens across all systems of the body, including the skeletal system.

But when your body’s balancing system loses control over the compensation mechanism in the spine, the whole body goes into Category Two. The spine and sacroiliac support the weight of your body, and if the balancing control is lost, the body’s protective backup system locks up in a “defensive reaction.” The organs of the body are affected by this Category Two “lockup,” particularly the digestive system.

According to Dr. David Denton, the founder of Vector Point Cranial Therapy, being in Category Two is like being in a holding pattern — the body is managing, but it cannot heal from this state. You may or may not be able to feel which category your body is holding. Category Two is not automatically accompanied by noticeable pain or illness. But you must hold Category One in order to unlock your body’s own ability to recover and maintain health.

Category Three — “Beyond Self-Repair”

In Category Three your body’s defense system can no longer patch you together. It fails and you can literally no longer hold yourself up. There is always severe pain associated with Category Three. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need surgical repair, but it might. What it does mean is that you need help immediately.

What Category Am I?

There is not yet any way for you to determine on your own which category you are currently in. But if you are getting sick often, have regular pain or feel like you’re walking crooked, the chances are good that you won’t get healthy until you get into Category One and stay there. Again, being in Category One does not mean there aren’t alignment corrections needed, but putting your body into Category One is your body’s best ally in regaining a hold on overall health.

Give yourself a chance to be healthy and reduce your stress by making sure you are in Category One as often as you possibly can be. Come into the office for an appointment to assess your current Category, and to find out what you can do to maintain healthy and supportive habits.


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