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This never used to hurt, why does it now?

Posted on: October 7, 2018

I had a patient come in recently who was dealing with a strain from playing his favorite sport. He shared with me that he had been doing that sport for over a decade without injury, so why now?

Has this happened to you? Is there an exercise or sport you used to do easily and without pain that now seems to be more taxing or even injuring your body, such as basketball, hiking, golfing, or running?

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Having things hurt that never used to is completely normal. Our bones, ligaments, and muscles change as we age. Our recovery time gets slower. Remember taking a bad fall as a kid and forgetting about it a few hours later? If you’re over 40, you know a fall like that doesn’t mean the same thing now!

So what’s the solution––stop doing sports? Absolutely not! Assuming you’re otherwise healthy enough to exercise, here are a few tips for staying active as you age:

  • Build in more warm up and post-workout recovery time
  • Be willing to adapt your sports and exercise to what your body wants now––maybe running worked great in your 20’s, but your body is wanting something more gentle now
  • Listen to your body and don’t ignore signs of something feeling off structurally––come in and get it checked out


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