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Simple ways to improve your flexibility

Posted on: March 1, 2017

How loose and flexible do you feel in your body? Where could your joints move more freely? Could you find opportunities to do some light stretching throughout the day?


Here are some simple ways to improve your flexibility:

1. Create a realistic goal
If you think flexible means you can easily touch your toes, do a backbend, or twist like a yogi, I encourage you to reframe your vision to one that works for your body. Maybe for you, being able to bend over and touch your knees without pain would be a win. Or, maybe you just want to be able to do a side stretch and feel more space in your abdomen and chest.

2. Start small

Small changes can have a big impact. If you have a busy lifestyle, as many of us do, there are many opportunities to build flexibility exercises into your day without taking a lot of time or effort. For example:

  • During your work day, make time (a minute or so is all it takes) to stand up to stretch your arms, roll your neck, and gently twist and move your back.
  • Use a wall to do a simple arm stretch to gain more flexibility. Place your arm flat on a wall horizontally and then slowly and safely twist your body until you feel a stretch in your shoulders, chest, and neck. Repeat with other arm.
  • Before you get out of bed in the morning and before going to sleep at night, do some gentle stretching movements. You may find you also sleep better by stretching before bed, as your body lets go of any tension it’s holding.

3. Handle what’s getting in your way
Body pain and stiffness from lack of flexibility can not only affect how you enjoy the day-to-day activities of your life, but if ignored, they can get worse over time. If you’re experiencing any pain or stiffness, schedule an appointment so we can figure out the cause and get you the treatment you need to get your body safely on the road to increased flexibility!

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