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Reversing the cause of unnecessary pain

Posted on: October 21, 2017

We talked about the importance of taking corrective action so that the body does not develop well-traveled pain pathways. Reversing the cause of unnecessary pain can also prevent deterioration of a condition into something much worse––and perhaps untreatable down the road.

Left untreated, simple conditions become complex.

If a simple sprain of one of your ligaments, in the joints of your back, neck, wrist or ankles goes untreated, it will tend to re-injure more easily. This is because a poorly treated injury creates an opportunity for the ligaments to heal looser than the original, creating an unstable joint.

Mechanical imbalances left untreated often lead to premature arthritic degenerative changes which can be difficult if not impossible to control once established.

Poorly healed injuries often contain scar tissue that is less flexible than the original. This can also cause a joint to move in an abnormal way, extending dysfunction to other joints and muscles long after the original injury has healed. You can see a simple injury can become a recurring chronic pain with repeating episodes and additional wear and tear to all the moving parts.

When does a headache become more than itself? 

Headaches associated with cranial myofascial tension, left uncorrected, can become constant headaches. In addition, the mechanical movements of the neck are affected by the muscle spasms associated with this type of headache. Now the intermittent headaches have not only become worse and more frequent, they have expanded to become neck pain.

The spasms and pain in the neck alter the ability of the neck to cope with everyday stresses. In this scenario, the person becomes increasingly sensitive to stress associated with long hours at a computer. They have chronic headaches and neck pain affecting their work and home life too.

Take action.

Don’t let these situations happens to you! If you are experiencing any pain in your body that could potentially benefit from a chiropractic treatment, come see me for a consultation. My treatment and some recommended exercises can usually correct abnormal wear patterns in your joints, avoiding serious problems that later may become untreatable.

My intention is to keep you moving freely and happily in your body, now and for many years to come!


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