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Is Your Blood Trying To Tell You Something?

Posted on: September 23, 2015

Does your annual physical include a blood test? If so, you may be relieved to hear your doctor say, “Everything looks OK!”  Although I’m sure you find it reassuring to hear that, there is often more information hidden in the numbers that you may want to know. Specific laboratory testing including a blood chemistry panel is often a great place to get information about your overall health.

Your Test Results Can Tell You More Than You Think

Perhaps it is the engineer in me (my first career) or maybe I am just particularly curious, but I when I get my tests back I want details! When I see those numbers I see them as the answer to the question, “How healthy am I?”


Is there some trend or pattern in the blood chemistry results that can indicate how I could improve my health? Do I need vitamins? Should I change my diet? What do I need to do? What actions can I take? Are there other kinds of useful tests?

During recent years researchers in the fields of nutrition and health at major institutions, such as the University of Illinois and UCLA, have assembled a great body of scientific work that provides us with answers to many questions about body chemistry and health. This makes it easier for me to determine which tests are likely to be the most important for your health as well as providing a fact-based interpretation of the test results, especially blood chemistry.


When a person goes for a regular blood panel, many tests are usually performed; in fact, the common minimum is 26 or more different tests. The numerical results of these tests are compared to the “normal” values for people who are known not to have a specific disease. If, for example, your uric acid value is high, the testing computer will report that this value is out of the “normal” range. Your doctor may then tell you that you have Gout (a condition caused by high uric acid levels in the body).

This method of interpreting lab tests works well for serious diseases, but what about less obvious problems? If your uric acid level is not out of range, this method tells you nothing. It tells you nothing about how well your body is clearing uric acid (a waste product). Additionally we know nothing about how healthy those “normal” people making up the basis for the “normal” values really are. All we know is that they don’t have Gout!

Searching For Patterns Of Health

When any machine starts to have a problem there are changes that occur. If you know how to interpret these changes and the patterns they reveal, you can determine the state of the machine and see how to avoid serious system failure.

Research and clinical experience from many published sources are now providing that kind of information for the human body. Today we have newer and more accurate tools to evaluate the patterns of numbers in blood chemistry and other tests. From an engineer’s point of view, it makes sense to take a preventive approach and try to stop a problem before it becomes unmanageable. And, as with machines, it is rarely one test that tells the story, but it is the pattern of how they all fit together.

Finding The Answers

To help you improve your health and to assist you in choosing the best way to support yourself, my goals are to first identify patterns that emerge from the combination of symptoms, test results, exam results and clinical findings. And then secondly, to apply the understanding of those patterns to your individual health situation, offering you useful suggestions to improve your health status.

I use a fact-based method of analysis combined with many years of reading, post graduate education, and clinical experience. In short, today we are better equipped to support and promote health through clinical testing than ever before.

Cracking The Code

A careful comparison is made between your symptoms (how you feel), chiropractic findings (what your body is telling me), and the results of lab testing which may include a blood chemistry panel customized specifically for your needs, as well as saliva or urine tests.

The patterns created by evaluating all three areas can give you a picture of how you are doing, what areas need support, and what kinds of support might be best for you. I will usually be able to make specific recommendations for nutritional support, diet changes and more to help you balance your health naturally. Each individual is different, and I am always improving the analysis methods as new information and techniques come in.

You can now get whole-picture answers to your questions about how your body is doing, as well as professional suggestions for various approaches to improve your body’s overall health and to bring you more toward ideal patterns and performance levels. You may be able to stop a problem before it becomes a full-blown disease.

What’s Next

If you’re interested in lab test analysis, I would be happy to discuss with you the many benefits and opportunities that a lab testing can offer. We’ll be happy to send you a symptoms questionnaire and order appropriate testing for you. All testing is done in certified outside labs. After I have received the results of your tests from the lab, and have completed my analysis, we’ll call you to set up an appointment so that we can review the findings and plan the next steps for your health.

It will be my pleasure to help support your ongoing journey toward vibrant health.


At Westlake Village Chiropractic Arts, we are committed to supporting you in your journey of greater health & well-being. Contact us for your next visit.

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