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Is Sugar Really Addictive?

Posted on: April 14, 2016

We all have heard that eating quantities of sugar every day can be bad for us, but can it really be addictive? Like drugs can be addictive? The short answer is yes, for some people it certainly can be!

Why? One big reason is that the research shows that sugar causes a release of dopamine in the reward center of the brain — just like addictive drugs. In fact, sugar and many junk foods can cause massive dopamine release. For more information on this fascinating subject, see this article in Science Direct

Westlake Village Chiropractor talks about sugar
For most of us, sugar may not become a true addiction, but the connection to dopamine does explain why we often find sugar in the foods we crave. If you have been reading the ingredients on the labels of your food you already know sugar is in the most surprising products.

According to Dr. Joseph Frascella, director of the division of clinical neuroscience and behavioral research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Although many people like sweets, and would likely choose chocolate cake over fruit for dessert, this does not mean they’re addicted to sugar.”

So even if we are not ourselves actually addicted to sugar, we need to recognize that our human pre-wired programming will automatically steer most of us toward sugar without us even knowing it. For example, you may discover by reading ingredient labels that your favorite cracker has sugar in it even though it doesn’t taste sweet.

This is important not only when we try to limit our sugar intake, but if we are looking to control our personal body weight because the hidden sugar in the foods we eat can create increased cravings for more food. Controlling cravings can be complicated of course, but becoming aware of the influence sugar has on us can make it much easier to live a healthy life.

In another newsletter we’ll explore some of the great challenges our bodies have in processing the many forms of sugar that are available in our food. In the meantime, make sure you read those labels!


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