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How are your feet?

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Did you know that neck, back, and knee pain can actually be caused by your feet? Your feet work hard and serve as the first line of shock absorption when you walk. You may also be one of the many people to experience your feet rolling inward (overpronation), rolling outward (underpronation), have low or flattening arches, or simply foot or ankle pain when walking or exercising. This is why I recommend custom orthotics for many of my patients, to support your feet in getting the job done.

Aren’t Orthotics for Old People or Serious Athletes?

A common misconception about orthotics is that they mostly benefit the elderly or those who require intense agility during sports. Not so. One of my most remarkable success cases with orthotics was with a patient in her 40’s who was dealing with chronic sacroiliac pain. I would give her a chiropractic adjustment, but it wouldn’t “stick” for long and she’d soon be back for another appointment. I then fitted her for custom orthotics and within two months of wearing them she was nearly pain free and now comes to me for tune ups, versus chronic pain. The orthotic fixed an issue in her feet that chiropractic adjustments couldn’t change: flattening arches.

Why Sole Supports?
I am a certified provider for Sole Supports. After years of trying other labs, I feel these are the best and most technically advanced option available, and light years ahead over what you’ll find in the one-solution-fits-all kind you find in a drugstore display. Carla and I visited their lab in Tennessee and were immensely impressed with their staff and technology. The orthotics are high-quality, but also very affordable.

The process for getting fitted for orthotics is simple and takes about an hour in my office. I’ll use a specific casting technique to put your feet in their optimum position. The cast is then sent off to Sole Supports and takes about two weeks to build.

If you want to explore if Sole Support orthotics are right for you, please come in for a free consultation or call us to ask about them. You may find that they are the missing link for you in long-term body support.

Call us for your next appointment at (805) 497-1072.

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