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Are you in the habit of ignoring pain?

Posted on: January 27, 2017

Do you have any pain in your body right now? Do you regularly ignore or mask body pain, convincing yourself it is unimportant?

Ignoring pain can have serious consequences. It can train your body to cancel warning signals, allowing situations to get worse without you knowing it. Then you can find yourself in the middle of a big repair project that could have been avoided.

Here are 3 simple ways to work with pain when it shows up:

1. Pay Attention:
Pain of course is a signal something has gone awry in the body. Ignoring it means whatever has gone wrong is still going wrong and is in danger of becoming worse.

There is also a mechanism in the body (neuroplasticity) where the body starts to believe the pain is normal. You then can be in the situation where the cause of the pain is removed but the pain won’t go away.

2. Find the Cause:
You need to know what is bringing you the pain so you can fix the problem it is signaling. You might need professional help with this and you might not. Covering up the problem with pain medication does not fix anything, it just hides things from you.

3. When in Doubt, Check it Out:
Often health conditions are not obvious. In order to do 1 & 2 above, you often have to get more information. If you aren’t sure about your condition, get professional help. If you think your pain may be related to a serious life threatening problem, get to an emergency center and find out. If you are wondering if you need an X-ray, don’t wait, check it out with someone who knows.


I am here to support you in relieving any pain and helping you move more freely in your body. Call us for your next appointment at (805) 497-1072.

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