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Are you doing enough for your bone health?

Posted on: April 12, 2019

The risks of osteopenia––the thinning of the bones that contributes to osteoporosis––increase as we get older. Osteoporosis is often called a silent disease because you can’t feel your bones weakening. The first sign for many people is easily breaking a bone, noticing you are getting shorter, or realizing your upper back is curving forward. Osteoporosis can affect both men and women. Take steps to ensure strong bones early in life––long before you experience any symptoms.

Calcium has become synonymous with bone health, but it’s only the part of the story.

Lifestyle activities, including weight-bearing exercises (such was walking, hiking, and jogging), are essential for your bone building and bone health.

Several key nutrients also contribute to healthy, strong bones. Ideally, try to get these from foods you eat when you can. When that’s not as easy (like with Vitamin D and K2), look for a high quality supplement.

Key Nutrients to Help Build Strong Bones

1. Calcium + Magnesium
Calcium and Magnesium need each other in the right proportions to work properly to get absorbed and to build bone. A 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium is usually recommended.

2. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is found in some fish oil, but it’s also produced by your skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is very common––even in sunny California! Without vitamin D, our bodies cannot effectively absorb calcium.

3. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is often neglected, but it is crucial for strong bone development and for the formation of collagen, the fibrous protein part of bone, cartilage, and other structures.

4. Vitamin K2
Although vitamin K2 is not as significant to bone health as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, low levels of circulating vitamin K2 have been linked with low bone density.

Again, I recommend getting these nutrients from foods, when you can. If that’s not possible, I would buy the best quality supplement you can afford. Dosages will vary based on your individual needs, so be sure to consider what will be best for your body. If you have any questions, let’s discuss next time you come in.

Wishing you healthy, strong bones!


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